Friday, June 6, 2008

Book Challenge

Mother Reader sponsors the 48 hour book challenge every year - and every year I say "Oh I can't wait to do that" and every year those darn kids of mine have something more pressing that they want/need me to do than spend the weekend reading.

Instead of reading this weekend I will be spending it with my youngest son sweating in 90 degree heat watching his baseball all star team play 3 games. I guess I could bring a book along and read between games, but my fantasy of the 48 hour book challenge is locking myself away in a cabin in the mountains, with a stack of books, some good munchies and some good red wine. Now of course, I do not own said cabin in the mountains, so for next year if anyone has one they would like to let me borrow, please let me know!

I have managed to read 2 books this week (while watching my kids/burning myself at the pool) this week:

The Willoughby's by Lois Lowry - a very funny farce about a family of children who look at themselves as "old fashioned" children and look to have themselves orphaned - because all old fashioned children in old fashioned books are orphans, you know. This book was laugh out loud funny, but I wonder if the intended audience of middle grades would "get" as much humour out of the book. I am having my 10 year old read it this week, so we shall see if she gets the humor of it all!

Then I re-read Deborah Wiles book Each Little Bird That Sings. I am talking with Ms. Wiles to have her visit my school next year and as it happens, this books is part of our Readers Rally book choices for 2008-09 (book competition for grades 4 & 5) and I remember how much I loved this book.

This week I am going to work on reading some more readers rally books and also try and fit in an adult books or two in!

If you are participating in the 48 hour book challenge - happy reading!!

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Jen Robinson said...

Sorry you couldn't do the challenge... Maybe next year.

I really hardly ever do this, but for some reason today I was compelled to tag you for a meme. Fee free to ignore, of course. But do click through to see why.