Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Friday Night Knitting Club

From cooking to knitting.  I finished the book The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs this morning and while it was somewhat predictable in a "chick flick" kind of way, it did make me want to call my mother and have her teach me to knit (she's tried, and alas, has failed to make me a knitter!)

The book is the story of  a single mother who owns a knitting shop on the upper west side of NYC.  She is all business and somewhat lonely and through twists and turns a group of women end up spending every Friday night at the knitting shop and calling themselves The Friday Night Knitting Club.  As they knit (or not, as is the case many Friday nights) you find out their stories and realize that it is not the knitting that is bringing them together but their need for female friendships.  Each woman in the group has a story that the author explores, but it is Georgia, the main character who we see inside of the most.

The end of the book is like a typical chick flick, which is why it makes sense that the book is being made into a movie starring Julia Roberts, set for release this summer (and I can TOTALLY see Julia in this role!)  Of course, since I love a good chick flick, I will be in line to see this - maybe by then I will have convinced my mother to at least teach me how to knit a scarf!

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